Kızılırmak Casting Industry and Trade In.Co.

Kızılırmak casting Industry and trade went live in 1980 and it has been carrying on activity in a 60.000 m2 open area , 6000 m2 closed area on the 7th km on Çorum-Ankara highway.

Kızılırmak Casting has one of the leading steel casting nodular cast iron and gray cast iron plants in Turkey with it foresighted managment, experienced, dynamic team and continuously renewing technology.Since its foundation , it has brought the technological development to its factory, increased its quality and capacity. Our company adopted the principle of producing the best quality goods, fulfilling the commitments in time and enjoys meeting the domestic and international demands.

It has aimed to meet the needs like spare parts of Hyroelectric Power Plants mechanical parts, steel, nodular and gray cast iron with the demanded quality, in time and with reasonable prices.

In our company there are:

Casting section 
Heat-treat section
Laboratory Quality Control Section
Machining(processing) Section 
Trade Accounting Sections.