Within the scope of the article ” production ” and offer goods in accordance with national and international standards and conditions, demands of customers, increase quality with the principle of improving goods and processes and keep under control in occordance with this principle,the quality policy of our company is to sustain production after necessary controls in accordance with standards prepared for the casting process and all national and international standards determined by the customers, also in accordance with the basic principles of ISO-9000 standards. Our quality system keeps the process from model production to transportation under inspection.

Our company has a modern Quality Control Laboratory for the quality controls of the products. In our Quality Control Laboratory, the following tests can be done;

Chemical Analysis
Pulling Bending Tests (Alsa brand pulling test device with 40 tones capacity)
Mobile and Fixed hardness Test ( Baha brand fixed hardness measuring device))
Utrason Testi (Krautkramer USD 10)
Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid penetrant test
Measurement Control.



Carbon steel.
Low and high alloyed steel.
Stainless steel.
Gray cast iron.
High manganese steel.
Alloyed cast iron.
Ni- Hard.
Nodular cast iron.
P.S. Alloyed casts are suitable to. DIN,AISI,SAE,and BS standards.